You Deserve A Business That Can Work In Harmony

Working with a Displaced workforce is hard.

So you're scaling your displaced workforce, Now what?

Tech Is Not Your Organization's Strength... It's A Pain In The Neck.

Balancing the desire to work remotely with the needs of the company seems impossible. With the right tools and systems in place your business can leverage technology to work wherever.

Experience Harmonee

Select the look book that best matches the experience you want to provide your team with.

Harmonee by Capitol Presence understands the complexities of a hybrid work environment.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to customize the best solution for your business. So, when you’re asked, “Can we really work hybrid?”

You can answer, “YES!”, and know that productivity, connectivity, and security will not be compromised.


Leadership news, events, engagement

This leadership site provides insight into the goals and priorities of the leadership team and inspires engagement with events and conversations.

Keep everyone in your organization up to date by displaying key news, ideas, and information.

Feature the latest news and updates on your internal organization here. Introduce new hires, project updates, and much more! You can add or remove updates as needed.

Include a useful and informative video for employees!

Save time searching and easily access multiple recent communication links, files, and information here.

RSS feed displaying all the most recent activity and posts from your Yammer group.

Easily keep everyone in the loop by adding important announcements and event information to your dashboard.

Include an event calendar to make it easier to stay ahead and on track.

Many companies have started exactly where you are right now, and took that first step.

Tech can be scary enough, but have no fear… all these companies are now thriving in Harmonee.

How To Get Harmonee

1. Tell us your problems

In the world of tech we’ve seen and heard it all, but we’re never afraid of a good horror story. We will discuss your current headaches and priorities.

2. We build your blueprint so you can:

3. Harmonize your workplace

When your business runs in harmony, speed and efficiencies are a guaranteed outcome. It’s not solving a rubix cube (but we can do that too)

You're One Step From a Harmonized Business

To the timid and the fearful.

A day will come when your business cannot communicate internally and the chaos will become unmanageable.

You will crave with every fiber of your soul for the impossible chance to go back, knowing what you know, to change things.

You’ll dream what it would’ve been like to have implemented the systems and processes to help your workplace evolve.

In your attempt to never lose… you will ensure your greatest loss of all time: having the fear to pivot.

We are helping hundreds of companies right now around the world evolve into a hybrid workplace.

Your employees are screaming for this.
Your competition is hoping you don’t pivot.
Your future growth depends on you making the change needed to harmonize your business.

To the timid and the fearful, hopefully this will shake you awake…

Ready to do the work with you.

-Roy & Haile Edwards